Chemistry Tutoring

Chemistry Tutoring

Students in their grade schools might wonder why they are forced to learn Chemistry as a subject as it seem to have no importance in daily life. Why would anyone want learn about acid and base and their properties? If this is the constant nagging question in your mind – then think again…

Everything around you that you see is made out of chemicals –including you! Even the food that you eat is made from chemicals. Ever matter undergoes changes by absorbing and releasing energy. Chemistry plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. Hence it is only interesting that we learn and understand what is going on around and inside us.

In order to facilitate a better and easier understanding of the subject Onlinetutorsite has a group of experts who are at your disposal at any time that is convenient to you. They will explain in such a manner that you understand any concept that you find difficult and ensure that you are clear of any doubts.

List of few topics that we cover:
College and University Level
  1. General Chemistry I and II
  2. Fundamentals of Chemistry I and II
  3. Analytical Chemistry I – II
  4. Inorganic Chemistry
  5. Organic Chemistry I – III
  6. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  7. Principles of Physical Chemistry
  8. Physical Chemistry I – II
  9. Biological Chemistry
  10. Forensic Chemistry
  11. Environmental Chemistry
  12. Instrumental Analysis
  13. IB Chemistry
  14. AP Chemistry
School and High School Level
  1. Introduction to Chemistry
  2. General Chemistry I – II
  3. Matter
  4. Principles of Organic Chemistry
  5. Organic Chemistry I – II
  6. Acid and bases
  7. Oxidation and Reduction
  8. Periodic Law

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